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Young Voices 2023

Here is the song list for the upcoming Young Voices trip in 2023! You can find the lyrics at the bottom of the page - keep practising!

Don't Worry Mashup

Don't Worry Mashup (Backing Track)

Just Around the Riverbend

Just Around the Riverbend (Backing Track)


Message (Backing Track)


Milligantics (Backing Track)

Nile Rodger's Disco Party

Nile Rodger's Disco Party (Backing Track)

Over The Hills

Over The Hills (Backing Track)

Never Felt Finer (Part 1)

Never Felt Finer (Part 2)

Proud (Chorus Only)

Proud (Chorus Only) Backing Track

Pop Medley from Trolls

Pop Medley from Trolls (Backing Track)