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Year R Moons

Welcome to Moons! 

Moons Class is one of our Early Years Foundation Stage Classes, also known as Reception. Here we begin the learning journey that your child will enjoy for many years to come.  

Miss O’Dea is the class teacher for Moons. Miss O’Dea likes to be creative and loves learning outdoors. When not in school, Miss O’Dea spends her free time exploring with her daughter, enjoys reading and reusing cardboard to make new resources; make sure you look out for them, when you get to explore Moons Class.  

Mrs Kent and Miss Brooks are the teaching assistants for Moons Class, they are always ready with a smile or an encouraging word and the children respond well to their warm and caring personalities.  

We work closely with our parallel class, Suns, providing the children with a safe, secure and happy start to school. We strive to be fantastic learners through using our 5Cs and being independent wherever possible. We work hard at developing our social and emotional skills as well as more academic abilities. 

Your child’s Reception year is the final part of their journey through the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We aim to help prepare your child for future learning and successes by providing experiences which are active, and fun, and which support their individual development, care and learning needs. Towards the end of their time with us, we help to prepare the children to start the National Curriculum in Year 1. We are always very proud of the enormous changes and development which occur along the way and the confidence with which the children move onto the next chapter of their school adventure!