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Year 6 Earth

Welcome to Earth Class!
In this class you will find Mr Steel and his amazing assistants - Mrs Hobbs and Mrs Birt. Throughout Year 6, we aim to give children a fun and empowering experience in order to prepare them for life beyond primary school.

I am a lover of all things sport! I am a keen footballer, cyclist and squash player. I love both the community and friendship that team sports create as well as the challenge and motivation that is needed for individual sports. I am kept busy at home with my two small boys, Max and Harry, who love anything to do with gardening, farming and biking. 

Obviously, we have the small matter of the SATs to deal with this year. However, what could be seen as a scary and nerve-racking week, often ends up as being the children's favourite week of the year! This is down to a few simple reasons: the children will be fully prepared and ready to tackle anything that will be in those papers; they get to have breakfast in school with all of their friends and in general, it is an awesome week packed full of fun activities.

The main texts which Year 6 delves into are:
The Explorer - Katherine Rundell
Clockwork - Phillip Pulman
Skellig - David Almond
Mortal Engines - Phillip Reeve
Secrets of the Sun King - Emma Carroll

All of these are amazing books which have us on the edge of our seats as we navigate our way through them. Mr Steel's personal favourite is Skellig; Mrs Hobbs’ and Mrs Birt's favourite book is Skellig! What will yours be? ...