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Year 5 Ganymede

Welcome to Ganymede! 

My name is Miss Camus, and I am the class teacher.  Being a native French speaker, I have a passion for modern foreign languages, and I absolutely love travelling. Ganymede is one of four year 5 classes, alongside Jupiter, Venus and Europa.

Supporting Ganymede is the amazing Teaching Assistant, Mrs Perillo. Although we don't have her all the time, when we do, she always displays an unwavering sense of kindness and support to the children. As part of her supportive role, Mrs Perillo will also be carrying out various interventions with some of the children.  

Independent Learning underpins Ganymede’s learning journey and this year the children will have the opportunity to take more responsibility for their own learning. Through ‘coaching’ sessions, the children will have an increased awareness of how to further their learning, by having a secure understanding of exactly what they need to do next, to progress in Mathematics, English and Reading predominantly. 

Excitingly, through our TLC curriculum and our unique learning hooks, the children will be completely immersed in a wonderful journey of lost islands, Minecraft, Greek mythology, and so much more!  

In Mathematics, we will be developing our fluency skills through our Maths Mastery lessons, which aim to improve pupils’ enjoyment, resilience, understanding and attainment in maths. 

We are excited about the brilliant year ahead of us!