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Year 5 Europa



Welcome to Europa! 

I am Miss Smith, the class teacher. I absolutely love reading; sitting down and getting lost in an adventure story is one of my favourite ways to escape reality and get lost in my imagination. I couldn't possibly pick a favourite subject as they are all excellent in their own right however, I do love teaching maths and PE.  

Alongside me are our fabulous Teaching Assistants, Mrs Perillo and Mrs Lucraft- Townley. Although we don't have them all the time, when we do, they are always ready to welcome the children with a smile and help whenever they can.  

Children in Europa aspire to be creative, enthusiastic and always ready to learn! As a class, we have created an environment that is built upon respect for one another, fun, and support for each other. Children in Europa are seen as individuals who can achieve anything that they dream.  

 Our main focus this year is Independent Learning where children will build upon the skills they already have and develop their questioning, respect for the work they produce and utilise 3B4T and our new 5C’s. 

Through the TLC curriculum, the children will open the door to a world of lost islands, Minecraft, Olympian gods, and so much more! A love of reading is stimulated through this curriculum and our tremendous selection of books encourage children to holistically develop. 

We look forward to what can only be a fantastic year!