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Year 4 Titan


Welcome to Titan Class!

I am Mrs Wardle, class teacher for Titan.

I have been part of the Hillcrest team for many years and both my children attended the school. My hobbies include gardening and art and crafts. In my spare time I enjoy drawing and painting. I also love to read. I am a strong believer that children should be encouraged to read at every given opportunity.

In Titan our Teaching Assistant is Miss Easter, we work closely together for the benefit of the children within the class. Mrs Golding is our fantastic H.L.T.A who is closely associated with Titan class and will be providing us with extra support throughout the year.

A famous poet, Joseph Addison once said, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” This is a philosophy I completely agree with. Reading instils a love for learning and our Text Linked Curriculum (TLC) has been designed to do just this. In year 4, our fantastic selection of books covers a wide range of topics from the Vikings to Albert Einstein.

The noun ‘Titan’ derives from Greek mythology in which the Titans were a race of gods. Today, a ‘Titan’ is considered to be an influential and powerful person. In Titan class, all children are considered to be important and influential. Pupils are respected and every child’s achievements are celebrated. The class ethos is built around respect, kindness and team work.

Throughout this year we will be concentrating on becoming independent learners. This is based on a proven Swedish ideology which has increased the confidence and motivation of pupils and led to improved attainment. In Titan class we believe this is a fantastic opportunity for all pupils to take control of their own learning.

We look forward to having an exciting year in Team Titan!