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Year 4 Mars

Welcome to Mars Class!

I am Mrs Wardle, class teacher for Mars.

I have been part of the Hillcrest team for many years and both my children attended the school. My hobbies include gardening and art and crafts. In my spare time I enjoy drawing and painting. I also love to read.

Miss Easter is the teaching assistant for Mars class and Mrs Golding is our fantastic H.L.T.A. We work closely together for the benefit of the children within the class and year group. As a team, we aim to create a classroom culture, filled with fun, positive and purposeful learning; helping our children to achieve their full potential. Our goal is to help pupils to become independent learners. To achieve this, we encourage every child to become creative, curious, confident, coordinated and of course good communicators within their learning journeys. We adopt a positive ethos in and out of the classroom, striving to ensure that all our pupils feel safe, respected and valued.

I am a strong believer that children should be encouraged to read at every given opportunity. A famous poet, Joseph Addison once said, “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” This is a philosophy I completely agree with. Reading instils a love for learning and our Text Linked Curriculum (TLC) has been designed to do just this. In year 4, our fantastic selection of books covers a wide range of topics from the Vikings to Albert Einstein.

Mars is the fourth planet and the furthest terrestrial planet from the Sun. It is among the brightest objects in Earth’s sky not to mention an attractive target for viewing through a telescope due to its high-contrast albedo features. Therefore, Mars has exerted significant cultural influence; in English, the name “Mars” was originated from the ‘Roman god of war!’

We look forward to having an exciting year in Team Mars!