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Year 3 Tethys

Welcome to Tethys Class!

My name is Mrs Williams and I am supported by our Teaching Assistants, Mrs Barnes and Mrs Passmore. Tethys is one of Saturn's beautiful moons and we want the children to shine brightly in everything they do! In Year 3 we will continue to build on the children's successes in Key Stage 1 and help them to develop into independent learners, encouraging them to use what they know and the support of others when working.

Outside of teaching I have a passion for baking and developing new skills like crochet. Reading is something which I enjoy and am always on the look-out for a good read. During lockdown, I have become a fan of Harry Potter, having watched all of the movies more than once and am working my way through the books.

Throughout the year we will be exploring a wide range of exciting texts and aim to make the learning as fun and exciting for the children as possible. The children will be encouraged to take an active role in their learning and becoming responsible for their achievements.

We look forward to an exciting year ahead!