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Year 3 Tethys


Welcome to Tethys Class!

My name is Miss Benefer and I am the class teacher for Tethys class. In my spare time, I enjoy baking delicious treats for my family, spending time outdoors and reading a good book with a cup of tea! My favourite subjects are French and Art. I find learning new languages teaches and encourages respect for other people’s language and culture. With Art, I just love to be creative and find different ways to be able to express emotions, thoughts and feelings. I love the way that artwork makes our surroundings more beautiful.

Miss Dace also works with us as our teaching assistant, providing extra support to the children in class. In her spare time, Miss Dace really enjoys sitting a reading a good book. She loves to be outdoors and enjoys a bike ride in the nice weather. Miss Dace also likes to visit theatres to see a range of different shows. Her favourite subject is geography, as it provides us with a knowledge and understanding of other countries around the globe. It also helps us to understand how to protect and respect the world we live in.

Our HLTA, who works with us on a Friday morning, Is Mrs Lucraft-Townley. Mrs Lucraft-Townley is a very good baker and enjoys cooking and baking for her family. She is also a very good artist and loves to create beautiful displays in school.

In Tethys class, we work hard and have fun. We use our 5Cs to ensure we are the best learners that we can be. We are kind and respectful to ourselves and others, and we make sure that everyone in our class feels welcome and valued.

Over the academic year, our TLC books in year 3 are as follows:

Autumn 1: The Magic Bojabi Tree

Autumn 2: Oliver Twist

Spring 1: The Princess and the Pea

Spring 2: Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats

Summer 1: Stone Age Boy

Summer 2: The Iron Man

We look forward to an exciting year, together as Tethys class!