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Year 3 Mercury

Welcome to Mercury Class!

Hello, I am Mrs Freeman, and I am very excited to be teaching year 3. Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system, but it has a big presence in our collective imagination. Many science fiction writers have been inspired by Mercury, including Isaac Asimov and C. S. Lewis. Television and film writers, too, have found the planet an ideal location for storytelling. I love stories and over the course of the year, the children in my class will explore some great texts including The Bojabi Tree, Oliver Twist, Stone Age Boy and Iron Man to name just a few.

In Mercury class, we will be investigating lots of different scientific questions and conducting investigations and experiments to promote discovery and learning. The children will have time, space and resources to exercise their curiosity. Class discussion will take place and key questions will be answered.

As part of the Mathematic team at Hillcrest, I have a special interest in Maths. My aim for the year is to prove to each and every child how easy Maths is. To teach them to have a go and not be fearful of making mistakes. To make links in their learning and to attack any Maths questions like a puzzle waiting to be solved by a budding Mathematician.

Joining us on our journey will be Mrs Barnes who will support the children’s learning while encouraging independence. Promoting confidence and self-esteem as well as motivation and perseverance. It will be a wonderful year, full of learning and fun!