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Year 1 Learning Journeys

Year 1 brings us into Key Stage 1, where the National Curriculum informs our teaching.

AUTUMN 1 "Traditional Tales"


PSHE: We enjoy becoming farmers and learning about plants and where our fruit and vegetables come from. We discuss who and what we are grateful and thankful for, including showing appreciation for farmers, especially linked to the busy harvest time!

Science: We become scientists and discover lots about how plants grow and use this to grow our own beans in class.

Geography: We look into the human and physical features we would see on our own farms!

Design and Technology: We will also find time to sit down and enjoy a healthy fruit salad, prepared by our own fine hands.

AUTUMN 2 "Journeys"


Science: As the weather changes we will discover how it feels going from autumn and winter, for humans and animals. Looking at the different habitats animals will call home and how they have to adapt to their conditions. On our expedition from autumn to the wonderful season of winter, we will think about how the weather affects different landscapes, before focussing on our very own winter wonderland.

History: Exploring the concept of a ‘journey’ enables us to discover how transport has changed from past to present.

Art and design: Expect lots of glitter, glue and gleaming faces when we let our creativity run wild in the run up to the festive season.

RE: We look into the Christmas story and look into why it is important to Christians and how they celebrate.

SPRING 1 "Space"


Science: This half term we will be delving into the depths of space and enjoying our own journey of learning. We will look at factual and fictional texts linked to space as we discover other planets. We will also become weather reporters and start using graphs to log out findings.

History:  famous astronauts and ponder the possibilities of other life forms! We will be writing some reports on Tim Peake’s amazing achievements and imagine attending an alien school!

PSHE: Thinking about Time Peake’s life, we will start to reflect on our own achievements and things that we are proud of.

SPRING 2 "Superheroes!"


PSHE: We will be thinking a lot about what it means to be a hero and who our own everyday superheroes are! We will use this to look into the important roles of people in our lives and the work of local services such as the police and firefighters.

Science: As the term finishes we will investigate spring and the changes we are noticing.

RE: Towards the end of the term we will explore the Easter story and understand the reasons behind Christians celebrations.

SUMMER 1 "Under the Water"


History: We will become historians and research the famous explorer Christopher Columbus and understand his spectacular journey across the globe.

Geography: Going on this journey will allow us to become geographers and look into both human and physical geographical features. Using maps and atlases we will look into the different countries in the United Kingdom and compare these to a contrasting country.

Science: We will delve through the ocean and explore the animals that live beneath.

DT: Our learning will allow us to design, create and evaluate our own moving animal using sliders.

SUMMER 2 "Dinosaurs"


History: We will travel back in time to a land full of dangerous dinosaurs.

Science: We will tread carefully to avoid the carnivores and omnivores, but make friends with the herbivores. On our dinosaur hunt around the school, we will look out for common plants.

Geography: We will look out for different geographical features where they could be hiding.

Art: Making careful sketches of what we discover and create our own dinosaur footprints.