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Our pupils are extremely proud of their school and their uniform.  Pupils are to be dressed smartly, adhering to our uniform expectations.  We expect pupils to have long hair tied back and any ear rings are to be simple, round metal studs. False nails are not permitted.

Winter Summer
  • Pale blue polo shirt
  • Maroon sweatshirt*/cardigan*
  • Black/Grey trousers
  • Grey skirt (knee-length), pinafore dress (knee-length), black, grey or navy tights
  • Flat black/ navy shoes with dark socks
  • Pale blue polo shirt
  • Grey skirt (knee-length)/red checked dress (knee-length) with white tights/ or grey trousers/shorts
  • Flat black/ brown/ navy shoes with dark socks
  • Flat sandals with white socks

We encourage parents to purchase a branded Hillcrest jumper, and coloured PE shirt (as marked by the *), from the school, via Wise Pay. However, with cost of living difficulties at the fore of our minds, non-branded alternatives in the school colours are available from other retailers. 

Please note that ear-rings should be small round studs only.  No bracelets or necklaces should be worn for safety reasons.

 PE and Swimming expectations:

On PE days, pupils should come to school dressed in their PE uniform.  This includes the branded Hillcrest house coloured PE shirt (non-branded alternatives in the school colours are available from other retailers); plain black shorts or plain dark joggers/sweatshirt and trainers.  Earrings should be removed from pupils’ ears (or taped over with medical tape if unable to be removed). Trainers are to be worn (football boots are not permitted).

On Swimming days, pupils should either wear a plain one-piece swimming costume (two piece costumes are not to be worn) or swimming shorts (must be above the knee).  For safety reasons, colourful swimming hats (cloth or silicone) must be worn. There is no expectation that these items are branded. Earrings must not be worn. 

Limiting the cost of school uniform

Our school has a duty to make sure that the uniform we require is affordable, in line with statutory guidance from the Department for Education on the cost of school uniform.

We understand that items with distinctive characteristics (such as branded items, or items that have to have a school logo or a unique fabric/colour/design) cannot be purchased from a wide range of retailers and that requiring many such items limits parents’ ability to ‘shop around’ for a low price.  

We will make sure our uniform:

  • Is available at a reasonable cost
  • Provides the best value for money for parents/carers

We will do this by:

  • Carefully considering whether any items with distinctive characteristics are necessary
  • Limiting any items with distinctive characteristics where possible for example, by only asking that the jumper and PE Shirt, features the school logo
  • Limiting items with distinctive characteristics to low-cost or long-lasting items
  • Considering cheaper alternatives to school-branded items, such as logos that can be ironed on, as long as this doesn’t compromise quality and durability
  • Keeping the number of optional branded items to a minimum, so that the school’s uniform can act as a social leveller
  • Avoiding different uniform requirements for different year/class/house groups
  • Avoiding different uniform requirements for extra-curricular activities
  • Considering alternative methods for signaling differences in groups for interschool competitions, such as creating posters or labels
  • Making sure that arrangements are in place for parents to acquire second-hand uniform items
  • Avoiding frequent changes to uniform specifications and minimising the financial impact on parents of any changes
  • Consulting with parents and pupils on any proposed significant changes to the uniform policy and carefully considering any complaints about the policy.