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Titan Class

Welcome to Titan Class!
My name is Mr Martin and I am the class teacher along with the support of Mrs Hobbs, our lovely
teaching assistant!
A ‘titan’ is defined as a person or thing of enormous size, strength, power and influence. For
example, Albert Einstein is considered a titan of science and The Beatles are considered titans of
music. This year, we are going to become titans of our own education!
In Titan class, we aim to instil a love for learning, where children engage with the wonderfully-
inspiring Text Linked Curriculum (TLC). We have a fantastic selection of books, which will cover a
whole range of topics from the Vikings to the science of Einstein. Whilst developing children’s
independence through 3B4T, we are also introducing a new ‘independent’ learning initiative, where
children take control of their own learning.
New to this year, children will also sit a statutory times tables test at the end of the summer term.
Therefore, we encourage the children to keep practising their tables!
We look forward to welcoming the new titans in September and having a fun-filled, successful year!