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Thrive helps children and young people feel safe, supported and ready to learn. Thrive has been providing training, tools and insights to organisations and individuals for over 25 years.

At Hillcrest, we have our very own Thrive Practitioner and Mental Health First Aider, Mrs Perillo, who is based in our Unworry Room.  Mrs Perillo meets with lots of different pupils to help them to thrive!

Initially conceived as a way of tackling the issue of school exclusions, Thrive now offers a whole-setting approach to supporting the right-time social and emotional development of all children and young people.

The Thrive Approach consists of:

1. Thrive-OnlineTM (TOL) -  a web-based profiling, action-planning and progress monitoring tool enabling us to ensure the best outcome for each child or group.

2. Thrive training -  focusing on the emotional needs of different age groups, informed by established neuroscience and attachment research, as well as child development studies and research into risk and resilience factors.

You can find out more about the Thrive approach by clicking here.