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Specialist Resource Base

What is happening?

It is proposed to establish a 16 place Learning and Cognition needs Specialist Resource Base (SRB), at Hillcrest Primary (Community) School, Downham Market from 1st September 2020.

The Norfolk SEND Sufficiency Strategy identified gaps in provision and priority areas for development including the need for a new primary Learning and Cognition Needs (LCN) SRB in West/North Norfolk. To meet this need and demand for specialist resource base places, Norfolk County Council has been working with governors and senior leaders from Hillcrest Primary School to establish this provision in the right place to ensure improved access to SRB provision in Norfolk, for children, young people and their families.

Why are we applying for the SRB?

Norfolk County Council and the Governors at Hillcrest Primary School feel these changes would benefit children and young people because;

  • It provides consistency of and access to Learning and Cognition needs (LCN) SRB provision for children, young people and families in the area;
  • It ensures that needs can be met locally avoiding the need for children to spend unnecessary time travelling to an appropriate school further away;
  • There is an increase of places to meet the needs of children with Learning and Cognition needs;
  • This SRB would continue to be part of a wider county wide SRB programme, providing consistency of SRB provision;
  • Provides additional resource for the pupils currently requiring specialist resource;
  • It addresses an identified gap in specialist provision through the SEND Sufficiency Strategy to meet needs locally.

What happened during the initial consultation?

An initial consultation was held between Tuesday 7 January and Tuesday 4 February 2020. During that period, two public meetings were held at the school on 15 January and 30 January 2020. 4 members of the public attended. 5052 consultation documents were distributed and 209 responses were received. Of these, 68 people (32%) gave their views on all the proposals and 161 people (77%) gave their views on individual schools. Please note some people will have responded to all the proposals and on an individual school. Of the 68 people who gave their views on all the proposals; Strongly Agree 50 people (73%) Agree 10 people (15%) Neither agree or disagree 1 person (1.5%) Disagree 5 people (7.5%) Strongly Disagree 2 people (3%)

What happens next?

The following table sets out the key dates for the consultation and decision making. At any point the proposal may be withdrawn. The dates set out below meet the Department for Education requirements for consultation on school organisation proposals. School organisation process Date Public Notice published 3 March 2020 Statutory consultation (representation stage) 3 March – 31 March 2020 Decision required, no later than 31 May 2020 If approved, change of age starts 1 September 2020

For more information, including how to share your views, click on the links below.