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Smart School Council

At a time of deep division in society, it’s more important than ever for young people to be a central part of our democracy and debate.

We believe that every young person’s voice should be heard. Because everyone’s voice is important.

"Overall, we think that nothing at school needs improving right now and we feel happy, safe and proud to be Hillcrest pupils. 

We are happy that the outdoor learning areas are being improved already because this makes us feel heard."  - Ganymede, Year 5.

Each week, our School Council Representatives (democratically voted for at the beginning of each school year in Class Elections) lead their class through a meeting where a question has been posed to them.  In groups, pupils debate and come to a decision on what their answer is to be.  The School Council Representative makes sure things run smoothly and everyone respects all viewpoints. 

A pupil is appointed Note taker for the session, and they record the final votes.  After the votes have been submitted, the class then discuss any suggestions they have to improve the school.  The Note Taker records these and submits them.

Take a look at the results of our meetings so far this year: