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Senior Mental Health Lead

The Department for Education has recommended that all schools and colleges in England appoint a senior mental health lead by 2025. 

The Senior Mental Health Lead is responsible for creating a whole-school approach to supporting mental health and wellbeing as well as an open culture in which staff and students alike can discuss their mental health and wellbeing openly. Other aspects of the role include: 

  • Promoting good mental health and emotional wellbeing for staff and students alike 
  • Developing a whole-school approach to support mental wellbeing 
  • Educating students on mental health and wellbeing 
  • Training staff to identify signs and symptoms of emerging mental health needs in students  
  • Have a clear process in which staff can report concerns  
  • Have a clear process of managing all mental health concerns 
  • Have systems in place for students to seek help if they need it 
  • Have policies in place to support students through referrals to specialists  
  • Know what local and national help and support is available out of school