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School Opening Information

We welcome children into the school, through their classroom door, with a "good morning" from 8.45am, with a window of 10 minutes to allow for different parental routines.

At 8.55am, the doors are secured, and the attendance register is taken, marking the start of the compulsory school day.  This happens promptly as part of our rigorous safeguarding routines.

At 3.30pm, we reach the end of the compulsory school day.  We wish our pupils a "good afternoon" and pass on their care to their trusted adults as we dismiss them from their classroom doors.  Further up the school, pupils may walk home alone if this arrangement has been made.

In the i Building (for Years 4, 5 & 6), pupils are welcomed in, and dismissed from on the main i Building doors. 

Total hours provided in a typical week:

(8.55am to 3.30pm = 6 hours 35 minutes) X 5 = 32 hours 55 minutes