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Operation Encompass (Domestic Violence Support)

Operation Encompass was developed in 2012 by a Police Sergeant and his wife, a Headteacher of a primary school in Plymouth. They would regularly discuss the impact that domestic violence would have on children and how their school would be able to offer support if they were made aware following incident. As a result of these conversations, they developed Operation Encompass: a system to provide early notification to Key Adults within the schools when a pupil has been affected by Domestic Violence (DV) in the last 24 hours. In response to a notification, the school would then ensure the appropriate support would be available for that child. This support could be overt or silent support.

Operation Encompass was launched in September 2016, following a recommendation from a soon-to-be-published Serious Case Review. The Operation was piloted in the Great Yarmouth area involving 18 schools, following this successful pilot Norfolk County Council is pleased to announce that they are launching it across the County from January 2017.

Our aim in Norfolk is to notify all schools of domestic violence incidents that have occurred within the last 24 hours; this will include High, Medium and Standard DV incidents. These notifications will be made via telephone to a nominated Key Adult at the school before 9am the following day. Each school must nominate at least 2 Key Adults to receive these notifications. To be a Key Adult, a member of staff must have attended Designated Safeguarding Lead training within the last two years and one Key Adult must be a member of the school's Senior Leadership Team.

To be part of Operation Encompass, a Senior Member of Staff from the school needs to attend a briefing delivered by the Norfolk County Council and agree to the Protocol and Information Sharing Agreement.

The Key Adults for HIllcrest are:

Headteacher Mr Try
Deputy Headteacher Mr Reeve-Hayes  
Assistant Head Mrs White