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Mercury Class

Welcome to Mercury Class!

I am Mrs Mather, the teacher here, with Mrs Gledhill as teaching assistant.

We hope our new Year 3 class are as excited as we are about the inspirational TLC books that have been chosen as the basis of our learning during this school year!

In Year 3 we consolidate and build on our Key Stage 1 skills and knowledge in Reading, Writing and Maths. We investigate new areas of learning and share our discoveries with each other and hopefully with parents too!

Life for children in prehistoric times and  during the Victorian era will be part of our study of History. In Science, we include research into how animal and human skeletons are similar and different, as well as the life cycle of plants and the uses of magnetism and friction in everyday life.

Our aim is to become confident and independent learners, so that we can have fun and take on new challenges, both in and out of school!