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Keeping you informed

We believe that parents are an essential part of the learning triangle.  Open communication between Home and School is key for children to have an enjoyable and effective experience at school.

Home/School Communication Books:

Our Home/School Communication Books are our first line of communication, which staff and parents use very effectively.  Pupils bring in these books each day and they are checked to ensure that any communication from home is seen and dealt with promptly.  These books also allow school staff to inform parents of any issues in school regarding their child.  Any reading, spelling and number work carried out at home is also noted down.  In Key Stage 2, pupils use the books to record their own reading progress. 

Weekly Open Mornings:

Each week we welcome parents and carers into the classroom to view pupils’ work and to discuss any issues with the class teacher.  Parents, pupils and staff value these sessions as it allows any issues that may arise to be dealt with swiftly and effectively.  It also gives the pupils the opportunity to show off what they have learnt over the week.  The weekly sessions are as follows:

Foundation and Key Stage 1: Tuesday mornings 8.40am – 8.55am
Key Stage 2:   Wednesday mornings 8.40am – 8.55am

Termly Reports:

We provide progress reports, commenting on academic attainment and effort shown by pupils, at the end of each term.  This frequent reporting arrangement provides parents with regular snapshot of the child’s progress.

Progress Meetings:

Having received the termly progress report, parents/carers are given the opportunity to make an appointment to attend a progress meeting with their child’s class teacher.  This, again, encourages the open contact between home and school.