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We are excited that homework club is now able to return!  

Homework Club is overseen by Mrs White and Miss O'Dea and is open to all pupils who are in KS2, every lunch-time. 

Hillcrest sets homework to all pupils, including reading, number bonds, times-tables, spelling and sometimes research. Tasks maybe on MyMaths or on paper. Pupils may also wish to practice their skills on Times Table Rockstars or Numbots. Homework helps to consolidate skills taught within school, widen knowledge and to reinforce, to pupils, that learning continues outside of the classroom walls. 

We do, however, understand time is precious! Resources and knowledge are also sometimes limited! Homework Club is voluntary, giving pupils the chance to complete tasks during their own lunch break. Staff are on-hand to explain tasks and offer support, both academically and pastorally. 

On average, we have approximately 400 pupils visiting Homework Club each Half-Term. Some pupils attend frequently, whilst others we may see only once or twice a year. Those attending may stay for half an hour or pop in for 5 minutes, depending on what they wish to complete. 

It is great to see Hillcrest pupils who demonstrate independence and responsibility in their learning!