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Help if you are being bullied

Hillcrest is dedicated to stamping out bullying in all forms.  The school's Anti-Bullying Policy heavily involved the pupils in its creation.  

If you think you (or someone you know) may be being bullied at Hillcrest, tell us about it by clicking on the image below or by scanning the QR code.


Worry Boxes are situated in the Purple Hall, outside the Unworry Room, outside Mr Reeve-Haye's office and outside Europa.

You can also use your class' "Ask it Basket" to share your worries with the grown-ups in your class.  Remember that we are a TELLING SCHOOL and you are not alone!

Useful websites if you are being bullied

There are lots of resources out there if you are being bullied.  Take a look at some of the following websites:

   Call 0800 1111

 Call 0300 323 0169