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Bounce Together Surveys

We are a ‘Bounce Together’ school, with a clear focus on mental health and wellbeing, ensuring this lies at the heart of our school community. In collaboration with the ‘Bounce Together’ software, we have access to a range of validated surveys to run with our pupils, staff, and parents/carers, ensuring inclusion for the whole school community. This vast array of surveys available addresses issues from resilience through to attitudes to reading and everything else in between.

  • The intent of using this platform is to create a really clear and concise understanding of mental health and wellbeing within our setting and the wider community.

  • This is implemented by running these surveys either at regular intervals throughout the academic year or to address a concern that may arise within a cohort or pupil group.

  • The impact of using ‘Bounce Together’, is that it provides relevant data that informs us about the thoughts, feelings, and views of our school community, thus providing us with the ability to respond accordingly in a range of ways that will support, nurture and encourage all of our stakeholders.