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Netball Tournament Winners!

No one can score against this fantastic team! 

On the 7th February, these Year 5 and 6 pupils competed in the Downham Cluster Indoor Netball Tournament. Playing on a full-sized court, they played six fast and furious matches to achieve five wins and a 0:0 draw to take 1st place. Throughout the whole tournament, Hillcrest didn't concede any goals; priving their energy, skill and team-work was too much for the opposing teams. 

Downham Prep 0 - Hillcrest 1

Hillcrest 2 - Watlington 0 

Denver 0 - Hillcrest 0 

Riverside 0 - Hillcrest 2

Shouldham 0 - Hillcrest 2

Megdalen 0 - Hillcrest 1