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Bikeability Brilliance


Bikeability Brilliance-shown by eleven Year 6 children. 

Children participated in a two day Bikeability cycling course, supervised by two Bikeability Instructors and Miss O'Dea, where they learnt how to:

  • check the safety of their bikes
  •  start and stop safely
  • indicate to turn right and left 
  • overtake parked vehicles 

The children spent the first day completing their Level 1 training; which developed their basic cycling skills in a safe traffic free environment through fun activities. 

The second day focused on the children completing their Level 2 training, which saw them develop their skills, experience and confidence; all of which is needed for cycling on the road. 

Throughout the two days, the children's confidence, skills and abilities blossomed both on and off the road; so much so that despite the rain showers, all children passed not only their Level 1 Bikability Cycling Course, but their Level 2 as well. 

We could not be more proud of the skills and competence shown throughout the duration of the course. 

Well done to all who participated.