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Reminder: Flu Immunisations


We would just like to remind you that our school based Flu immunisation programme is due to commence in October and the NHS has introduced a paperless system for this, whereby you are required to submit your child's consent online, through their e-portal. Paper consent forms will not be accepted. 

This school based Flu immunisation programme is available to all school pupils from Reception through to Year 6 and helps protect your child against flu. 

The online portal for applications closes on the 9th October 2019 with the nasal immunisation taking place on the 17th October.  Please click on this link or the below attachment to complete your child's consent form. 

Additionally, if your child has asthma, please read this Important Medical Information

If you experience any problems accessing this form online please do not hesitate to contact us, or if you require further advice or information, please contact the School Immunisation Team on

Tel: 0300 555 5055