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The Wonders of St Winnold's Fair

Year 4 enjoyed the sunshine on the school's first civic event since the COvid-19 pandemic on Friday when they attended the annual St Winnold's Day parade!


A grand mooring out for Year 4 as they proudly paraded their amazing horse-themed artwork at the annual St Winnold's Day parade, held to commemorate the town's illustrious past in the equine world!

Hillcrest children joined their peers from Nelson Academy and processed with local dignitaries, and a variety of horses, through the town, ending in the marketplace.

The Town Crier read the decree from King John, giving royal permission for the horse fair to be held. 

Saint Winnold was a 6th Century Cornish Saint. He was the son of a prince  and a holy woman called Gwen.  The family fled to Brittany to avoid Saxons.  Saint Winnold grew up in Brittany and founded an Abbey which was the basis for all monks until Saint Benedict.

The 3rd of March is his feast day which was the time of the great horse sale when up to 10,000 horses would be traded.

The Saint Winnold's Fair was the first fair ever to be held in Downham Market.  


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