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It's Working!

Today, the school received great news from the Advanced Outbreak Control Officer at Norfolk County Council - our Covid measures are working!

At a challenging time for everyone, where we haven’t been able to please all, it is heart-warming to know that our efforts are being recognised by the local authority and that what we are doing IS making a positive difference.

The Advanced Outbreak Control Officer at Norfolk County Council got in touch today to suggest that based upon our previous numbers of Covid cases and the amount of Covid cases in the local community, the algorithm that they use to predict Covid growth suggested that Hillcrest should have three times as many cases than it currently has.

They have praised the fact that the steps we have taken and the steps that the vast majority of parents are supporting us with, have reduced the projected impact on the school by two-thirds. Numbers are far lower than they were before the half-term break.

On the final day of last half-term, we had registered 32 positive cases. We are now on a much reduced 7 positive cases amongst the pupils.

However, whilst new cases have continued to emerge throughout the course of the week and staff members have continued to test positive and go into isolation, we need to persevere with the current restrictions and see them through to the end of the initial three-week period on Friday 19th November. We are still anticipating a return to normal (almost!) on Monday 22nd November.