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Reverse Advent Calendar

We're trying something new! Hillcrest would like to support the local Foodbank by launching a Reverse Advent Calendar starting Monday 19th November! 

The idea of the Reverse Advent Calendar is that you donate a different item each day, over the next 4 weeks in the run up to Christmas, for a worthy cause. By the 14th December we hope to have a moutain of goods that can be donated to Local Foodbank to support hard pressed families, at this particularly difficult time of the year.  Donations can be dropped off with your child's class teacher or made via the front office. Please feel free to dip in and out and give as much or as little as you feel able to. Many Thanks in advance for you donations and support.

Week 1                                                                                                                                                                 


Requested Donation Quantity recieved 
Monday 19th November  Baked Beans (any brand)  234
Tuesday 20th November Tomato Soup (any brand) 214
Wednesday 21st November Crisps (any brand or size packets) 146
Thursday 22nd November  Dried spaghetti (any brand) 167
Friday 23rd November  Toilet Rolls (any brand, pack or size) 146

Week 2

Monday 26th November                     Mini Cheddars (any size or flavour)                         78                              
Tuesday 27th November Tinned plum or chopped tomatoes (any brand) 190
Wednesday 28th November Cake mix (any type or brand) 125
Thursday 29th November Chicken soup (any brand) 158
Friday 30th November Sunflower/Olive Oil bottles                    91

Week 3

Monday 3rd December  Digestive Biscuits (chocolate or plain)  132               
Tuesday 4th December  Dried pasta (any brand) 154
Wednesday 5th December Gravy Granules (any brand) 97
Thursday 6th December Custand (any brand) 120
Friday 7th December Tinned fruit (any fruit or brand) 123