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Reverse Advent WEEK 1

Even the pandemic won’t stop us from continuing with our annual collection for the local Foodbank. However, the current social distancing restrictions and other safety considerations mean that the way in which it is collected will look slightly different this year.

Each day from Wednesday 18th November through to Wednesday 16th December, we will be asking that the children or their parents bring in a different item with the full schedule listed below.

This list ensures that there is a nice spread of different items across the month and avoids too many of the same food item being donated.

The volunteers at the Downham Foodbank do a superb job of feeding hard-pressed families all-year round. However, during the festive season, those who have the least, find the pressure to feed the family an even greater strain.

This year, Covid has made that situation worse, with even more families finding that they are calling upon the support of the Foodbank because job uncertainty has left them with financial difficulties.

We appreciate that it may be more difficult to shop for the items that we are requesting this year with many of you now choosing to shop online rather than going to the supermarkets. 

As we cannot have items handed either to the class teacher or to the front office, we will be leaving a weatherproof container beside the black gate as you enter the site near the ‘i’ Building and another one at the end of the path leading from the Civray gate, where it meets the KS2 playground.

This container will then be cleared by the staff every morning once the final classes have started for the day.

Wednesday 18th November Fizzy drinks Any flavour/brand – bottles or cans

Thursday 19th November Breakfast cereal Any type/brand

Friday 20th November Tinned fruit Any type/brand


Thank you!